“I arrived to Chicago on 2014, I did not know anyone who could help me. I consider MIRA like a family. Whenever I have any question, there is someone who can answer it for me. I would not know how to access all of public benefits without MIRA. I did not know what benefits I would be eligible for until MIRA helped me. Not benefits only, MIRA staff members always assist me with translating every document I receive and identify them for me whether they are important or not, and help me to take an action if needed.”


“Whenever I have had questions about any documents like benefits, bills, 401K, auto insurance, and many other documents, I have brought them to MIRA. I have been here in Chicago for more than three years. I went only two times to other nonprofits seeking same services that I needed from MIRA but I didn’t feel I’m at the right place. At MIRA I always feel I’m welcomed and get services from almost all of MIRA programs, I can say that every staff member provided me with very high quality services. Last year, me and my family moved to live at Freeport, IL for six months. I was driving with my family for two hours to come to MIRA. There are many reasons behind seeking MIRA services, but I think the main ones would be reliability, confidentiality, and knowledge in refugee cases. I will not seek any other services from other organization, only if I get a referral from MIRA.”


“Since I’m a client with MIRA since 2014 I trusted MIRA because of the quality of their services. I was a volunteer at MIRA when MIRA started helping refugees and immigrants with their citizenship process. I observed how the community members trusted them and how MIRA taking seriously people’s privacy and confidentiality. I always considered MIRA because of high quality services and have the cultural and languages skills to serve my family.

Me and my family helped by MIRA to complete our application quickly and without any problems. There were no mistakes and I did not have to come back to the office for many appointments. MIRA did an intake over the phone and finished the application in one appointment. I appreciated that MIRA called me to remind me about the interview and the ceremony to make sure that everything went right. 

I have referred everyone I know from different nationalities to MIRA. I know that several of them have already gone and applied for citizenship through MIRA.” 


“I’m a nun of Chaldean sisters, I knew MIRA from their good reputation in the community, and I knew they would do my application well. This was my first visit to the organization. They completed my application without any mistakes. MIRA’s service was excellent in every aspect of the process. I do appreciate the free services that they provide this the excellent service they have provided to my family and other. I am very happy with their services and the way that MIRA was contacting me in every step of my naturalization process.”