Bringing Mental Health Awareness to Chicago Refugees

A recent #ChicagoTribune featured an article on the work of the Middle Eastern Immigrant and Refugee Alliance in addressing the mental health challenges of the refugee community. At the heart of this work are the Mental Health First Aid Training sessions provided to other agency colleagues, community members, and clients to raise awareness of the mental health needs of the refugee community, and to put in place Mental Health First Aid Providers who can offer insight, intervention,and compassion at a time of crisis. We received a seed grant from the Asian Giving Circle to provide the initial trainings but we need your financial support to keep providing this training and our many other ways we care for the Middle Eastern Immigrant and Refugee community in Chicago and beyond.

Thank you for supporting MIRA and please consider a year-end gift to continue this compassionate, knowledgeable, culturally-competent, and much needed care for the Middle Eastern Immigrant and Refugee community and all who come through our doors.

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